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Eurogamer Expo 2011!

Hi guys. Sam here; I have just returned from Eurogamer Expo 2011 at Earls Court in London! I went with assistant sound Michael Benzie and we had a fantastic time showing off the game to the many attendees on show.

Michael Benzie (left) and Samuel Justice (right) - The sound team of Molecat Twist

The Expo is running Thursday through to Sunday (22nd – 25th) and unfortunately we could only attend today, but it was worth it! Being able to watch people play Molecat Twist firsthand was a fantastic experience and the feedback we received was fantastic. I only wish we could’ve attended all the days!

Molecat Twist feature in the Expo Showguide

We arrived 2 hours prior to the event opening with a box full of Molecat Twist business cards, we managed to sneakily place them all over the Expo on various booths which hopefully created some sense of viral marketing and drew people in.

A player enjoying the game!

Now that the Expo build is complete and the demo has been well received it is time for us to get our heads down and start building the final product! It’s going to be a fantastic journey and one we hope to share via this blog. We will post development updates, making of articles and many other great things in the near future, so please stay tuned! If you have google reader or some form of RSS reader then please subscribe to this blog!

Indie Games Arcade - Where Molecat Twist was presented - Nice and busy!

A Welcoming Word

Hello there!

With this post we are starting our Molecat Twist Development Blog. It will feature extra media releases, development diaries, notes on various works of others that inspire us and other materials that you may find interesting if you enjoy our little project.

And just to make a small announcement, there will be a posts about the early stages of Molecat Twists development with some great artwork  – in just a few days.

…As well as the coverage of Molecat Twist’s participation in the Indie Games Arcade showcase by our friend and team-member Samuel, who represents us at Eurogamer Expo in London today! With pictures!

Hello world!

Indirect control tile-twisting puzzled adventure …with traps!

Molecat Twist is a challenging puzzle game that takes place in the weird and beautiful world of the Molecats. Guide the Molecats through unique levels by taking control of the environment and changing the course they follow. Along the way the Molecats will face various traps, collect ‘shrooms, solve challenges and meet some very interesting characters. Do you have what it takes to guide the Molecats through an adventure like non other?

Molecats are hybrid of cat and mole. They live in a community called the Molecat Village. They are simpletons who like mushrooms and marching. Molecats usually go to the nearby caves to gather the delicious ‘shrooms, but mostly they get lost along the way.
A family of Molecats head to the nearest cave to get their favorite snack – Mushrooms. However, their plans are disturbed by an earthquake, which has blocked the exit. The only option is to go deeper into the cave. As they venture further into the caves they find a whole new world which is home to strange creatures including spooky monsters as well as harmless inhabitants (some will help you and others will need your help).