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New location Underground Vault!


Hello there!

We have been trying some new mechanics to freshen up gameplay and we need your opinion! Please, try this new level and write a few words about your experience in comments!

New features in this level:

  • Flip Tiles – This new ones have two different sides!

  • Slide Tiles – Those can be moved to the empty spaces!

  • Fast Forward function ([space] by default) – This is to make more clear the fact, that the “RUN” power is not for speeding up the gameplay, but to control what items & switches Molecats interact with. WIth Fast Forward you can actually speed up the game if you hate waiting.

  • Somewhat new control scheme for mouse & keyboard. See the help chart below.

  • New location – Underground Vault!

Thank you!

Demo Playtest


Molecats sincerely thank you for your interest in our game!

We have launched a Greenlight campaign and the main reason behind this is that we are strongly in need of feedback from players.

We want you to try playing the game at it’s current state and describe your experience. You can download the demo from the below links and if you will have any thoughts after playing, please fill this form, or leave a comment here or on the greenlight discussions page.

It will really help us to make the game better and to reach the release as soon as possible!

Download Links
Windows x32 (zip 125MB)
– Google Drive
– Dropbox

Windows x64 (zip 126MB)
– Google Drive
– Dropbox

There are some notes for this particular playtest we need to clarify:

1.Despite this build is absolutely playable with mouse+keyboard controls, please consider them as “still early in development”. We also recommend to try the game with gamepad controller with this particular demo (Xbox360 controller & compatible), as we think it is more comfortable at the moment. We hope to receive some feedback about controls from you to make the best gameplay experience both with gamepad and on mouse+keyboard.

2.This Beta is a “vertical slice” of the game, which consists of several specially chosen levels designed to represent the diversity of game mechanics, puzzles and difficulty scale. Although this levels are sorted by difficulty, they can’t form a suitable learning-curve to teach you all mechanics and Molecat’s tricks, trivially because of their low number. We have added 8 specially made tutorial levels for this demo, which we hope will help you to understand game mechanics before you dive into further levels.
Still, be prepared for some unclear moments and for some levels to be difficult and confusing. For sure, this will change in the release, where we will smoothly teach you to control Molecats and the world around them before you will be really challenged.

3.If you have already participated in our “beta-tests”, then thank you greatly! This is almost the same version of the game, so there is no new content you may be expecting. We will note you when there will be a content update!

Thank you for your understanding!

Molecats hope you will not be dissapointed by this surely unfinished and unpolished version, and will help us filling the forementioned form.
Also, you can send us a more detailed review to molecats[at]gmail[dot]com if you want (we accept pancakes and cookies as well!)!

Thank you for all feedback in advance!

All links
Windows x32 (zip 125MB)
– Google Drive
– Dropbox

Windows x64 (zip 126MB)
– Google Drive
– Dropbox

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