Molecats OST by The Dilettant Orchestra

Hello everyone!
Long time no see! We have a great news!

Today we proudly present Molecats Soundtrack EP!
It is four almost randomly selected (it’s a lie) tracks from Molecats OST by The Dilettant Orchestra.


Quotes & reactions:

“10 garbage containers out of 10!”
“Reminds me Frank Zappa…”
“In the best tradition of Terry Scott Taylor!!”
“I’ve got a сhronic headache out of this:E”
“Share your ‘shrooms with me, pls!”

The Dilettant Orchestra is:
– Music by
          Vasiliy Kashnikov (
          Nickolai Balinoff
– Mixing & mastering
          Nickolai Balinoff



You can download here:

And as you can guess, we are not dead (really-really). Molecats will release soon, watch for regular updates from now on! There is much to see!